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On the outskirts of Denver, Kiseki finally has a moment to collect her thoughts. While the Ork was certainly talented and his assistance was helpful. She likely could of escaped on her own. She did an inventory of her supplies. She was luckily able to get her vehicle. With that, her gear too. She had tools and a need for money, likely she could find some solo work in the area. Using a spare Sin for Identity. She starting looking for her line of work within Denver.

She found some jobs well below her normal pay grade. She cant do anything too high risk, unless she wanted to be detected. Renraku is definitely not one to let things go, but unfortunately for them, she was trained to hide in the shadows for months at a time. She remembered one of her Sensei moved to Denver a few years ago. Better to risk him then avoid risking her family.

Reaching out via comm, her Sensei stated that he was glad to be hearing from her. He sadly stated afterwards however that for his safety he would be unable to harbor her. He referred Kiseki to a contact who in turn, made contact with a smuggling group that needed extra protection on a trip to Seattle. They expected to take the End run through the PCC where the wilderness is not exactly very friendly. She needed to get to Seattle to try to escape Renraku, so it worked. Though normally below her usual tasks, the job had a means to an end for her.

She arrived at the warehouse address that was provided. The vehicle looked like a typical 18 wheeler. She would be in the Cab with the driver. She was shown the loot was behind a couple of fake boxes. Seemed to be a drug run, quite a large amount too. The things she has to do, she mused to herself. The run would go through the desert and plateaus then make a sharp route change through the Salish-Shidhe Council with mountains abound, arriving in Seattle in 3 days.

To not risk capture, they had four drivers rotating through the bunk beds in the back of the cab. They don’t have GPS, and the same Driver needs to be driving at each Checkpoint. Very exact, not the first run they have made. They warned that at times, some of the natives like to test the trucks, but so far, they have been just beating their chests. They were getting very brazen regardless, and this caused the need for extra muscle.

The drive started easily enough. Surprising that this far into the future, Diesels still have work to do. Humming along and with a bit too much vibration for comfort. The run goes smoothly. They come up to the first weight station, and clear though without issue. Border patrol gives the Dossier a once over, smacked the trailer a few times, seemed good enough for them.

The mountain passes still had some beauty to them. It was interesting to note, that with all the chaos with Magic returning a half century ago, that nature still kept moving like nothing has happened. “So whats your story lady” The dwarf driver poking for information. “I have a job to do, I was hired, and that is all you need to know” She replied. “Come on now, we are stuck in this dinky cab for half a week, could be a bit nicer, makes it less hell.”

“I see three other people you could talk to. I have a job to do, I was hired, and that is still all you need to know three days from now.” She lounges back and looks out the window. Still unsure what she did wrong to be burned, she did as she was asked. Was she just the unfortunate target of someone else’s problem? Was she an example to be made that even when flawless, you are able to be snuffed out like a candle? Too many questions, not enough answers, and not really able to search for them without risk.

“Hey lady, you see this on the road?” She snapped out of her daze and peeked out of the windshield. Looked to be several dune buggies were up ahead, like vultures lining up a meal. “I’ve done this for several years, never seen em make a formation like that.” She looks for an Emblem., she saw unmarked vehicles, but the equipment and outfits didn’t match. “Looks to be scavengers looking for an easy score.” She primed her firearms, and instructed the dwarf to keep driving forward, and she would take care of the rest.

Keeping a keen eye, she notices that each buggy seems to be equipment with some rudimentary catapult. It has a blowtorch attached to light whatever they throw in to toss. She sees that they add a black tar-like substance to the cup and set it ablaze.

“Whatever happens you keep driving.” She tells the driver. The driver nods. She opens the passenger side door and hops onto the front of the cab. They launch the tar to the front of the truck and it begins to melt the Radiator. Seems they would rather disable the truck completely. She notices them loading another handful of the tar, but she kills the person loading the cup. The buggy swerves slightly and steadies. She notices a buggy pulling alongside the driver side of the cab, and lining up a shot on the driver. She dives off the truck and slices the head off the shooter.

She quickly incapacitates the other occupants of the buggy and takes the wheel. She drives ahead and shoots the drivers of 2 other buggies. The vehicles fly off the road and quickly roll into pieces. She sees another buggy drive up to her left and aim a firearm, she shoots the hand of her aggressor. Shoots the driver and bumps the car off the road. Leaving her the truck and one last buggy.

She drives to the far side of the truck, the buggy is driving along the passenger side. She looks to the truck driver, and motions him to run them both off the road. The driver in shock nods and starts to push the buggy off the road, catching the driver off guard and unable to react fast enough. Kiseki jumps out of her buggy, runs across the frame of the other and jumps onto the passenger side of the cab. The buggies are run off the road, and roll into a huge ball of fire.

She opens the Cab door, sits down and buckles in. The driver staring at her. He jumbles his mouth a bit, to try to speak. “I had a job to do, I was hired, that is all you need to know.” She smirks and crosses her arms. With that they keep driving, with every rotation they keep prying, and she sticks to her mantra. The drivers can’t shut up about it. She puts up with it for the rest of the trip, and they arrive in Seattle, pulling into a Renton warehouse.

The drivers rush out of the cab, and start telling everyone about what she did. This begins to worry her, as she was trying to be low-key, and her skill set might of blew up that plan like those dirty Scavengers. She receives her payment, is provided a car for the evening and swiftly checks into a room at Merideth’s Comfy Cubicle. She takes her time getting settled, once that occurs, she sighs readies herself for sleep. Keeping her gear nearby.

In the middle of the night, she wakes to a commotion outside her door. She quickly grabs her equipment. “Don’t let her get away.” She has enough time to throw on her body armor, and sling her bag. She moves the curtains and finds that her window doesn’t open. “On the count of three.” She using a pillow to make a oddly shaped silhouette. They break open the door, and open fire on the pillow, shattering the window. Kiseki throws a flashbang, then dives out the window on the street. She hops into the car drives off. She notices a much faster car gaining on her. She gets run off the road, and knocked into the nearby parking lot of a bar.

She quickly gets out of the vehicle and gets into the bar. As she runs in, she notices it is filled with metahumans. She doesn’t have time to stop, and she stands out like a sore thumb here. The bar is poorly lit and furnished, not exactly a top end establishment. She makes her way towards the kitchen, but brings attention to herself from patrons of the bar. She runs into the kitchen, and out into the alley. The lights dim, with a ghostly hew, with a high fence she cant really hop over. She already notices that her pursuers closed off the alleyway. She is stuck like a trapped mouse. The cat bearing down on her.

“Renraku sends it’s regards Kiseki” The group brandishing their weapons. Not one to go without a fight, she defends herself efficiently. Moving through her aggressors like water. She defeats one after another as they try in vain to kill her. She catches an elbow to her face and is knocked down. “Stop making this difficult.” In real trouble now, she sees an avenue of escape, just needs to throw her last flashbang.

“Surprise Dickbags!” As gunfire breaks out behind her aggressors. An ork with an eyepatch unloads into the remaining suits. dropping them. “Oh no, its not him is it?” She thinks to herself. “Things were looking pretty bad for you there, you still don’t need a dirty trog’s help?” Volke comes out into the dim lighting. “I was fine, like I was then too.” she quickly retorts. “Sure, I don’t doubt that, but you trying to find me for something?” He rebuts. “You would think that wouldn’t you.” She quickly responds.

“Look, I know we got started on the wrong foot, but you have to admit, we seem to work hand and hand. Name’s Volke, and I think we would make a pretty good team if you would let me.” She showed visible disgust. “I work alone, I don’t need help, and I don’t plan on asking a trog, who keeps showing up unannounced screaming about bags of dicks.”

“Fair enough, I’ll ask you to help me then?” She is taken aback, as he continues. "I am certainly a capable individual, and I don’t want to come off as forward, but I can respect someone of your abilities. I am sure you enjoy money, as much as I do, but lets start again on the right foot. I am Volke, Ork runner extraordinaire, and you are…? "

His persistence admirable, she smirks, “Kiseki, and I plan on taking 60 percent.”

“Lets discuss that away from the dead or nearly dead around us huh?” Pointing to the various bodies around them. “My car’s out front, welcome to the team Kiseki”



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