Huwoza Enterprises

The Job in Denver

The combined storyline of the creation of Huwoza Enterprises

Huwoza Enterprises formed from the remnants of a Chaotic job during the civil war like atmosphere of 74 Denver.

Volke and his team was tasked by a Renraku Mr. Johnson to extract a Exec visiting for business. They had to extract him before they were lost during the Aztechnology push into the CAS Sector. This was a rushed job with big money that was too large to ignore. While Volke had his doubts questioning such a huge job with big payout with little legwork, his team was too distracted by all those zeros, and said it was just the work of an Angel.

They were to extract the Exec at a small satellite office of Saeder-Krupp in the northern CAS Section. It seemed to be a simple Extraction job from all the data collected. This was helped with the presence of Lonestar being so close. Volke decided to go through with the job, however still had those doubts in the back of his mind. Talatun voiced some minor concerns as well, but stated she would do her part as she always does.

Kiseki recently arrived in Denver with Wetwork to be done. A turncoat executive looking to hop ship to Saeder-Krupp with a bit too much information. She was tasked with ending that new job opportunity, and his new found Saeder-Krupp contact. She is informed that a Matrix leak lead to runner presence at the location. She was provided with a small hit squad to meet with behind the office building. She liked the prospect of a Job overseas and it was too tempting to pass up. Her family urging her to bring honor to them with this job, it is what she lived to do.

It was late November, with the air a brisk 54 degrees. The sun setting and most of the populace still trying to get home from their slave wage jobs. Volke and his team starting to setup for the run across the street. They parked their junker white van, and prepared arming themselves. They would go in as the late food delivery, a nice hot nutrisoy mess in a cardboard box. They go in, geek the Exec, and leave before any complications from Lonestar present themselves.

Talatun would be staying back to warm the van if the job happened to hose. She sat in the passenger seat, and watched Volke and the team jander to the entrance. Volke asked her to run the usual checks over his comm. She hopped back to her deck, jacked in and did her usual run times. She checked the exterior systems, found that the office was running very basic security. She let him know that the best exit seems to be the side fire exit. She found that in order to access further for the interior she would need to connect hot, she was curious why such a system would need this. Volke asked what they were running into inside. Talatun, snapped out of thought process and gave her usual one moment please in a pleasant tone.

She went hot and was able to find that the office seemed bare boned staff. Not too bad considering the hour. Mostly maintenance workers at the one guard as their contact informed them. She looked further to see if she could get some side data for that upgrade she was eyeing for her deck. Volke asked if he was good to go. Talatun gave the virtual thumbs up and told them to go live.

Meanwhile, Kiseki was behind the building getting setup with her team. She asked that they let her in first. She would be much better able to get close enough to finish the job if they did not follow her. Confidant in her skills. She knew she didn’t need the squad and questioned their presence. This was not her first job, and she has done much more difficult tasks alone. Dressing in a roomy pantsuit to hide her gear. She entered with her provided entry badge.

She was greeted by a maintenance worker, and nodded politely, making her way through the office eyeing the rooms for any hint of a meeting in progress. She noted the extremely lack of security and began to worry. This was definitely not her pay grade, and seemed odd to send her overseas for this. As she continued to walk, she overheard the rear entry opening and running footsteps. It was then she knew it was a setup. She ducked into the nearest office, where she startled a housekeeper cleaning. She motioned her to be quiet, and dropped her suitcoat, exposing her armor and family Katana gripped firmly.

Volke came to the security guard, seemed to be a dwarf that was better suited for a bar then a desk. “Can I help you?” the guard asked. “Dinner time.” Volke pointing to the boxes behind him. “Alright, let me page real quick see where this is going” the guard picking the desk phone and calling back to someone. Talatun intercepted the call, “Great can you have them bring it to Conference room B?” The guard getting up out of his chair motioned to the door for the group to follow him.

As they made their way to the conference room, Volke made note of the lack of staff in the office compared to just a few minutes ago. The guard lets them into the conference room in question. turning the lights on for the group. “Give us 15 minutes before you unleash the hounds” Volke joked with the guard. The guard chuckled, nodded, and closed the door behind him. The group pulled out their arms and armor from the crates and got equiped. They only had maybe 5 minutes to get the target and extract before Lonestar would be on them. Volke has done a good job of avoiding a Criminal Sin, and plans on keeping it that way.

Talatun while humming around the office files, gets a bit of interference, that she thinks might just be her connection. As she checks around, she found a huge data bank that seems to be the financial information for most of the staff at the office. Seeing a good side payday by setting up a salami slicing script, she should have a nice vacation at years end. She tries to enter the file, but something is wrong, she isn’t alone in the system anymore. She is caught by three master level technomancers. She cant pinpoint where they are, but she already sees the attacks coming to her deck. She fights valiantly, taking one down, but it is too much. “Sorry Volke, I think I’m out of this one.” She gets blasted out of the Matrix and gets dumped. Knocked unconscious, she slumps in her chair.

“Tala?” Volke pages over his Comm. He gets no response. “Drek!” he motions to his 3 compatriots to go hot. They kick out the door and find themselves face to face with a hit squad. “I knew it was too good…” Volke dives behind a nearby desk. One of his runners was a bit too slow and gets shot up immediately. Dropping like a log. He yells to his other runner and throws a grenade. It takes out several of the nearby group, but this is a large squad. Seems they were setup to be the fall guy for something.

Kiseki hears the grenade go off and gunfire. She has her chance to escape she thinks, and tries to slink out of the room. She sees her entry is blocked. She recalls from her dossier there are only 3 entry points to the building, the only one that might be safe is the side fire exit. She would need to wade through a firefight either way it seems. She makes her way through the office, and silently dispatches several hit squad members shooting at Volke and his team. Volke notices her fighting her way through the group and sees an opportunity. He yells over to his fellow runner, and notices him gone. He looks around and cant seem to see where he went. “Drek…” He throws a flashbang, and brazenly runs through the hit squad. He comes up to Kiseki, getting cornered, by several hit squad members.

“Surprise dickbags!” He opens fire and Kiseki takes the opportunity to strike. “You seem well equipped for an exec.” He states. “I do not have time to small chat Trog.” she quips. She runs toward the side exit and takes out another member of a squad. They work their way through the remaining hit squad members and get out the side fire exit. Volke runs toward the street to try to get to the van. He notices the van is surrounded by Lonestar, getting ready to clear the vehicle. “Tala…drek drek drek!” He turns around, and Kiseki is gone. He is too low on Ammo to have a firefight with lonestar, and runs back down the alleyway. As he runs down the alley he looks over his shoulder to see a Doc wagon pull up.

Talatun wakes and finds herself in the Doc Wagon. She looks around and finds herself sitting next to a lone star officer. “Don’t move, we got a tip that someone would be trying to force their way into the Finance files and looks like we caught the fly in our web.” She closes her eyes, realizing she is in bad shape and hurting all over. She has one last chance to get out of this, and it has to be while its moving. Traffic is bad enough in Denver she could likely slink away down the right alleyway. She has to take a chance they are taking the fast lane. She opens her eyes again, looks around, and notices the Lone star agent is talking to the front of the Wagon. Oddly, she isn’t handcuffed or otherwise restrained, probable thought she was dead at first.

She feels the Wagon stop at a light. Opportunity presents itself as the wagon starts moving again, she quickly hops up, elbows the officer in the face and dives out the back of the Doc wagon. She tumbles off the side of the road, and narrowly avoids a tire aimed at her face. She hurriedly scampers into the nearest alley as she hears cursing and screeching brakes. She tries her comm but its busted, and she doesn’t exactly have time to try to fix it. She finds her way to an old contact in the area. Who luckily hasn’t moved in the chaos. She gets patched up and crashes for the night.

Volke runs down the alleyway, and is frustrated beyond belief. “I’m going wring that Sarariman’s neck” He was setup and knew it was too good. No money, lost his team, and now on the run from whatever the hell that was. Still, it was better then dead. He tries his comm link for his one member that left him behind. No response, must of blocked him. Can only imagine he was just played. No way he would be that eager for the job otherwise. He knew the elf was bad business when he saw him, but he had the skills to backup his talk. Taking a second to catch his breath. He gets his bearings. Walks his way out into the street and blends in to the crowd. “Guess that means I need to look for greener pastures.”

Kiseki made her way back to her vehicle and was able to drive off quickly without incident. She checks her accounts, they have all but been emptied. She has been burned. Why? She did as her family and job asked of her. Trained to perfection to be able to extend the corporation’s reach and family influence. She can’t reach back out to her family, they would be swiftly killed. She has to lay low, otherwise Renraku will hunt her forever. She remembers that in Seattle there is very little Renraku presence when the Arc fell a decade ago. She could likely get back on her feet there.



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