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Stranger in Seattle

Huwoza forms in Seattle

Kuldr still recalls his life in the forests, his Grandfather teaching him the old ways of Magic. He was extremely adapt and his Grandfather hinted that his bloodline has the potential to be the strongest of all the Eleven Mystics. His family pushed him hard, the only child of his parents and last of his kind. He was not afraid of hard work if it had purpose.

That all changed in Dec, 2074. With public elections for the new High Prince well underway. His Grandfather decided to come from the shadows. Displeased with the Corporation’s attempts to rise in the land of his ancestors, he wanted to banish them as it used to be. He started a campaign that was starting to disrupt the status quo. His grandfather’s inherent racism and bigotry came out in a way that Kuldr was surprised to see.

On the morning of Dec 14th, Kuldr was awakened by the sounds of screaming and gunfire underneath his bedroom. He knew it was hit squads, the Ghosts coming to silence his family and his blood line completely. Rather then risk it being snuffed out by his demise. He grabbed what he could and escaped through his window. His bedroom door smashed open as he dived out.

He knew these woods like the back of his hand, setting up magical wards and traps his Grandfather forced him to run through thousands of times. He made a lethal brew of dangerous territory so the ghosts would be unable to make chase. He evaded for three weeks in the wilderness, into the new year. Making sure to cover his tracks, he made his way to Portland.

In the Outskirts of Portland, Kuldr pulled his hood up, covering his golden hair from the acid rain. Heavier then normal he mused. It was bad enough that his family was offed by the Ghosts. Because of his Grandfather’s Campaign he won’t have much luck among the Tír Tairngire. Rather then waste his talents he took the first airbus out of Portland to make a new start. He heard about Tir Tairngire’s arrangement with Seattle becoming a port city. He figure it be easy to meld into the life there. He would rather work against the Corporations with magic instead of politics. If he is as strong as his Grandfather stated, it should be easy.

Arriving at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with the rain seemingly following him. He takes his small bag of luggage and walks out into the Seattle Metroplex. With slight arrogance he makes his way to a map of Seattle and sees the Corporation buildings seem to be centrally located downtown. With the little bit of cash on him, he takes a taxi to the closest Corporate office.

Getting dropped off at Federated Boeing. He walked into the front door, and sees quite a large quantity of armed guards at the entrance. While he wants to make a different he isn’t foolish. He is going to need help. Not sure where to go. He walked out into the evening drizzle. As he walks down the street he makes note of an Ork with a gray and white skull on his jacket. While his grandfather wasn’t a fan of Orks calling them Trogs frequently. Kuldr needs a team if he wants to disrupt anything

Following the Ork as he met up with similarly dressed Trolls and Dwarves. Kuldr wonders if they are a shadowrunning outfit his Father told him about. He continues to following the group, but they notice him. “Yo Dandelion Eater, you looking for some action pretty boy.” A troll blowing a sarcastic kiss as his comrades laugh. They start to surround him. “I’d rather not make a scene you guys” Kuldr points to the golf course behind him. “No worries pretty boy, this wont take long.” the Troll states.

Within seconds Kuldr pulses a stunball around himself. Stunning the group unconsciousness except for the Troll, who is staggered. “You damn dirty elf mage” The troll panicking and he knows he is in trouble. “I have one question for you Trog. Where can I find myself some Shadowrunners?” Standing over the troll with a fearsome glare. “Drek, the Barrens, Redmond Barrens! I swear!” He picks up and runs off. Leaving his compatriots behind and out for the count. Kuldr puts his hood back on, loots some creds and continues walking. Finding another map, he gets another taxi and makes his way to the barrens.

Asking the Taxi driver for a simple bar with no frills. “Chummer, you want to make your way to Banshee. The owner there is real solid, and keeps the drinks going.”

Dropped off just outside, he walks in to the sounds of smooth jazz. No one seems to paying him any attention. He walks up to the bar and asks for the local favorite. The bartender obliges and provides a mixed drink with a strong smell. “One screaming Banshee” The bartender proudly presents. Kuldr sips from his drink and takes in his environment. He notices a Breeder with a cybernetic arm body armor and long hair in a booth. He seems to be talking to some kind of suit.

Demon looks over to the bar and notices the elf staring at him, he winks and Kuldr turns back around. He looks back at his contact, “I’ll pass it along to one of my teams” he motions the suit away. Waves the bartender and points to Kuldr. “Excuse me sir, Demon over there wanted your attention.” Pointing back to the human from before.

“What kind of name is that” Kuldr wonders. He brings his drink and sits in the booth.

Demon speaks softly, “I don’t see many elves in the barrens, they normally find it beneath them unless they are drugged up or broke. Which one are you?” Taking a sip from his drink.

“Neither, I am looking for group to run with. You look like the type to do it.” Kuldr Retorts

Demon puts his hand to his chin, “I used to, back in the day, I took my first run while you were likely just another member of your dad’s ballsack.” smirking, “Dangerous line of work, what makes you so interested?”

Kuldr, replying while showing a bit of impatience. “I lost everything back home, I have a bone to pick with the Corps. Last of my family, lost it all, all because my grandfather would rather they stay out of Elven business.”

“Guess I was right, heh, you wouldn’t happen to be Elias’ kid would ya? Didn’t know that Keeb got married, let alone procreated. I recall his father was a real nutcase, saw his Campaign trail. Heard on the news he was running drugs and was taken down by his own nation.” Taking a swing from his glass. “Seems kind of odd for a supposed son to show up out of the blue at my doorstep.”

Kuldr more shocked then inpatient now, " How did you know my father?"

“I took him on a few runs back in the day, he decided he had enough, and went back to Tir Tairngire because his pappy asked him to.”

“If he was a runner, I know I can be too.”

“Told you, I don’t run anymore. I know a guy though, Let me reach out to him, see if he is interested in an elf…..what?”


Volke’s alarm goes off, he decides to get up this time, and get out of his room. Demon is a life saver, setting him up with an old Runner’s Shack. Too bad it isn’t full yet. Demon told him first month was free, but after that he will need 3k a month. Not bad for the Seattle, but much more then he is making currently. He gets his gear on, and notices a note. “Meet me at Banshee tonight – Demon”

Volke makes his way downstairs and makes some evening breakfast. No such thing as regular schedule for a runner. He checked the Matrix, and same old news, gangs fighting, Corps lying to the public. He should really get around to making that team, but where to start. He has some old contact in Denver, that might know a few people. Demon stated he wouldn’t interfere in the search unless it was good.

He opens his door and walks over to Banshee. He notices Demon sitting with a Tree hugger. Real pretty boy too. “I told you, I was still making the team Demon, not ready for runs.”

“I know that, but I figure I’d get you a Wizard of sorts for that team you haven’t finished. This is Kuldr, happened to be the son of an old associate of mine I ran with.”

Volke never cared for Elves, and this one looked to be the perfect specimen to funnel rage into. He cared even less after he was abandoned by that no good one in Denver. “I don’t work with Elves, Demon. Don’t trust them if I can’t see them, and you want one to be behind me, chanting all that gobbledygook?” Crossing his arms, looking quite stewed. “I handpick my team, more so with my history. Can’t risk it.”

“Not even for a free month’s rent?” Demon smiling slyly.

“I’ll give him a trial run, that is all that will get you.” Volke is against them, but he wouldn’t say no to an easy 3k, more so since this kid seems to have history with Demon.

“Sounds fair to me, considering it done. Kuldr, feel free to follow Volke and chant even when unnecessary. It will make him squirm a bit, and I find it humorous.” Volke chuckles, flips off Demon and motions for Kuldr to follow him.



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