Kiseki Yamori

Face/Street Samurai


Work in progress


From a privileged family, Kiseki was tutored by the top Scholars, Sensei, and arm trainers in all of Tokyo.

She is a 13th generation protector from her family line. Trained since birth in Religious pluralism, Tae Kwon Doe, Kar Do Jitsu Ryu, Kung Fu, and Ninjutsu as well as firearm training, Western and Eastern etiquettes she is highly sought after for corporate espionage, arms dealing, assassination, and protection.

Her family has been in this line of work since the day of true samurai and with changing political factions, technology, and power grabs she is always ready to take on any job…for the right price.

Kiseki was given information from her corporate family shinobi over an interesting job across the pacific…in the godless Americas. She was all too willing to take the job.

Packing her sidearms and her family katana, she steps onto a small private jet with a marginal interest to see what fruits may come from this.

Kiseki Yamori

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