First Fixer for Huwoza Enterprises


First Fixer and contact for Huwoza Enterprises.
Street Samurai


Retired successful Runner that started back in 2050. Decided to retire where he started his roots, in Redmond, Lives somewhere near the border of Bellevue and Redmond and spends his creds at Banshee. No frills, a private booth and no questions. He operated for decades making his mark on various Corporations in Seattle. He is know and regarded highly among the underbelly of Seattle for always getting the job done, regardless of the means. As he worked his way around. He only had one failed run in his entire career, it cost him his team, and has had nightmares about it.

He has long white hair that has been braided, his one eye is red and lizard like, his other eye jade green. He is tall for a human, standing 6’ 5". He still wears his old runner armor, because it is like his second skin.

His Right arm is an artificial Cyberware replacement. He lost it during his runner days, and has hinted it was because of that failed run. He shoots down any request to tell his story from what happened.

He came across Volke when he came in for drinks at Banshee, noticed he seemed distant, and recognized that 1000 yard stare of someone who lost his runners under him. Recalling when he lost his team, he called over to Volke and asked to sit with him. They hashed out stories of their various runs for several hours. He suggested that Volke not give up on running, and explained how well it worked out for himself after he lost that team. He suggested that Volke make a new runner team, and that he would help him get a foothold in Seattle.

Using his reputation as weight, he has become a prominent fixer for Huwoza, and has taken them under his wing like his old mentor did when he started so many years ago.


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