Kuldr Skul (Gold Scale)

Elven Magician


Standing 5’4 with long golden locks and skin with a pale blue hue Kuldr may be on the smaller side however he makes up for it with the knowledge and agility after years of training in the ways of elven magic from the ancients. It is with great sorrow that Kuldr faced his family’s demise. The Ghosts of Tir Tairngire came to stop his Grandfather’s radical political campaign against leniency for the Corporations.

Kuldr has since set off on a life to overturn the big corporations that are consistently moving closer and closer to his homeland and ruin his way of life. To save those that are dear to him and to prevent the spread of evil within those corporations. Shortly after arriving in Seattle finding himself overwhelmed at the task of taking on the corporations alone. He has taken it upon himself to ally with a group of Shadowrunners like his father told him about while he was younger.


At a young age Kuldr was taught in the ways of ancient magic, at the young age of 8 he was proficient at astral detect and on his way to learning to take it an extra step and to then astral project. Being an unknown elf in his home of Tir Taingire; his parents had a secret birth and kept him hidden till he was about 12 when he finally wanted to see what the city he lived next to looked like on the inside. He may be classless and also sinless however he is an elven mage wanting to be among the best mages of history, the stories his father shared has always inspired him. Kuldr does not know much about his family as he has only known those animals in the wild and his mother and father, he yearned to know more and one day after he noticed a flood of new people attempting to be let into the city he decided it was his time to return to his parents home and live with them like a normal family should.

It was a bit rough for him to gain access among those refugees but since his blood is elven not tainted by new human lineage he was able to gain entry but many questions raised. After quickly finding his mother and father suspicion was brought on to his parents and he now knew why he was never allowed inside this magical city however confused as to why his parents had to hide him. In the coming days he lived at his parents house one that he can’t quite call home just yet, he found out alot more about his family however. He learned his father was a once great mage who used to run missions with others to help combat the evil corps. However the biggest surprise to him to learn was who his grandfather was and with him being a great politician fighting on behalf of Tir Taingire Kuldr assumed he had a place within this marvelous city. It was in the coming days where he then found out his grandfathers position within the city did not seem him as a great asset but more of a traitor to all who call Tir Taingire home.

2 months passed while he witnessed his grandfather be spoken ill of but it was a night he will never forget as it was the start to his entire coming undone. It started when his grandfather was assassinated during yet another speech at the administrative building at the heart of the city. On that same night while Kuldr and his parents were enjoying yet another terrific dinner when the front door came crashing in, 4 men charged in while his father jumped up to deal with the men his mother took him into the side bedroom where she opened the closet then pushed the back wall to open to a tunnel. Frantically Kuldr asked what was going on and when his mother looked back him all she could say was we love you even tho we will die tonight you will not, this will take you out to the woods just a mile north of where we used to meet you. Now run, run far from here because of your grandfather many hate our family for his actions i hope you remember everything your father and i have taught you. Use your powers sparingly ring no attention to yourself and not only survive i want you to thrive. Then a loud thud hits the bedroom door and with that his mother shoves him in and closes the tunnel entrance and setting a ward to prevent the wall from opening ever again.

After exiting the tunnel he was forced to evacuate from he knew he must run and run far away from those woods and then his actual home with his parents but they have taught him so much in his lifetime he will never be able to repay them. He does plan to revenge them as it was the corporations that his grandfather was fighting against and it was his thinking and his determination that got his whole family slaughtered and for what being right and standing against them. Well it will now be Kuldr Skul that will stand against them and take them down but how ive never been apart of a team or never been up against anyone in battle, i will keep walking till i find someone that will hear me out and assist but i must remain discrete in whom i speak with as my life is in danger.

Kuldr Skul (Gold Scale)

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