Auburn is the manufacturing center of Seattle, constantly grumbling with the “Auburn Hum”—noise pollution from the twenty-four-hour factories, metal refineries, petrochem plants, and similar industrial sites. The Crash 2.0 struck a major blow to hundreds of automated assembly systems here, crippling certain companies (like United Oil). This disaster spurred a number of companies like Mitsuhama, Federated-Boeing, and Monobe to rush in and buy out their ruined competitors, further carving up the district into their own personal fiefdoms.

Despite all the shiny, new automated facilities with their drone-operated production lines, the megacorps still have need for old-fashioned metahuman labor. Workers livein run-down, bug-infested corporate housing projects, shop at company commissaries, indebt themselves to corporate savings and loans, and send their kids to company vocational training. Metahumans make up a disproportionate amount of the local workforce, so groups like Humanisare quick to escalate conflicts along racial lines.

The Yakuza controls the better part of vice in Auburn: they have better whores, better stimulants to keep you going through two consecutive twelve-hour shifts, and better odds when gambling. Triads like the Yellow Lotus and the Eighty-Eights try to undercut the Yakuza with cheaper or more exotic thrills, but most of the Auburn crowd is staunchly conservative. The Triads have ended up catering to half-broke teenagers.

Runs in Auburn tend to target the local industries—sabotaging production,redirecting shipments, orstealing prototypes. Extractions are rare—corporate execs rarely design to come down to the factory floor. If you have a contact or fixer in Auburn, chances are you can get high-tech manufactured goods at a discount, anything from the latest commlink models to radar-absorbing materials to photovoltaic paint.


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