Downtown is the brain, heart, and soul of Seattle. It houses the seat of the Metroplex Government, as well as the infamous Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave (formerly the Renraku Arcology) and the bustling SeaTac Airport. The departments of the UCAS Federal government keep their offices in the district, as do most AAA and AA megacorps.

Seattle Center is a forest of skyscrapers. Penthouses hold corporate apartments for the owners of the largest mega corps in the world, where they can look down on the ant-like masses. Street traffic in Seattle is chaotic—fools waste away in their autos while vain hopefuls attempt to make headway on cycles or skates. Cynical realists plod along on foot and the occasional moving sidewalk, while air taxis compete with heavy drone traffic. During the day, tourists fight the crowds to visit the Space Needle (a great place for meeting Mr. Johnson), the Aquarium, Pike Place Market, and even the Aztechnology Pyramid. After dark, the Center explodes with nightlife, as trendy corpsters and urban hipsters flock to world-famous nightclubs like the Fractured Helix and Dante’s Inferno.

The Elven District is mainly residential, founded by dwarfs and elves as a verdant contrast to the ferroconcrete-and-chrome vulgarity of most urban centers. Nowadays, expatriate Tir nobles and gentry own the neighborhood and keep their homes well back from public streets. Subscribing to the Elven District’s AR overlay reveals a magical cityscape straight from a fantasy-sim, with paid actors serving as guides and kitschy boutiques selling overpriced elf and dwarf art.

The International District population is primarily Japanese, with a smattering of Polynesians; the Chinese, Koreans, and Vietnamese favor Little Asia down in Tacoma. The typical green crystal walls of the Downtown overlay give way to creamy jade storefronts and animated statues once you subscribe to the local net. Younger Yakuza flash irezumi and katanas for tourists, but street crime is nearly unknown here.

University of Seattle(formerly Washington) students appear to be the major life form of the University District, scurrying busily back and forth between their apartments, bars, bookstores, coffee houses, and classes.The University has a reputation for both its shamanic studies program and its degree in augmented reality engineering. Corporate recruiters scout the grounds for potential recruits, and the campus is inundated with corp-sponsored research projects (though anything promising is quickly relocated to more secure facilities off-campus).Tagging is popular with students,and the district has several well-known spam zones surrounding boutiques and trendy stores.

A lot of shadow activity goes down in the Downtown area, but runners still need to play it subtle when going to work—the Star and various corp sec squads are always on the lookout for suspicious activity, including anyone wearing too much armor or running a comm link in hidden mode. The syndicates and gangs also bring alot of business Downtown.Though they get into alot of tussles, they keep them quiet and out-of-sight—drive-bys and flashy assaults are uncommon as the major players don’t want to scare off any potential business or spur a Star crackdown.


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