Outremer is a cute little nickname some news feed gave to the outlying islands that are part of the Seattle Metroplex. Outremer has become hot property recently, with many foreign investments from the Middle East and the Indian Union. A number of AA corps possess facilities in Outremer, including a few small aquacologies built by Universal Omnitech and ProteusAG.

Metroplex law states that corporations cannot purchase these islands but may lease them for up to 99 years. Both Shiawase and Ares have circumvented it by constructing small artificial islands that they own outright in the district. The Salish-Shidhe Council is contesting Seattle’s expansion, ostensibly worried about increased pollution and devastation to native wildlife in the Sound.

Rather than a mayor, Outremer is overseen by a committee of the United Corporate Council. Lone Star has jurisdiction over the Outremer islands, but they leave the area relatively unpoliced. Corporate security forces protect their extraterritorial enclaves and the Metroplex Guard’s Shore Patrol handles waterborne police and rescue operations.

The Yakuza control most of the criminal traffic in Outremer, setting up profitable vice operations for the isolated, bored wage slaves. The islands—especially the smaller uninhabited ones— are also perfect stopovers for smugglers, who sometimes unload their goods here. A few self-proclaimed pirates also operate here, conducting the occasion alarmed robbery by speedboat or sometimes drones.


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