Puyallup Barrens

Something like fifty years ago, Mount Rainier erupted and buried Puyallup in tons of ash and lava. Shortly after that the district was occupied by refugees fleeing the new NAN states. The greater part of the district is a wasteland spotted with abandoned buildings, rusted factories,and squatter camps, from the boiling geysers in the Hell’s Kitchen lava fields to the metahuman ghettos. Kids grow up hacking black crap from their lungs and knowing that every scrape or cut could mean infection and death. Because of the constant ash fall from Mount Rainier, Puyallup suffers more acid rain than any other district in Seattle. Over half the district’s population is metahuman.

Only a few parts of Puyallup can be considered “safe.” Lone Star still patrols Puyallup City, a nice clean little enclave kept afloat with Mafia money, but they leave the rest of the district to fend for itself. The elven ghetto of Tarislar, packed with thousands of Tír Tairngire expatriates isn’t too rough, either—the elves actually pay Knight Errant to keep the peace, and the Laésa keep things quiet too. Sperethiel is the dominant language there, and children that grow up there learn English as a second language, if they learn it at all.

The mainly Black and Latino orks of the Carbanado neighborhood do a good job of organizing themselves against racist attacks and predatory gangs.That area used to be heavily mined for precious metals and is covered with quarries, pits, and tunnels. On the other end of Puyallup, near Fort Lewis, the Loveland area remains a battleground between the Mafia and Yakuza looking to entertain off-duty soldiers and trendy corp kids at their fashionable nightclubs.

Outside of syndicate skirmishes, few runs will take you into Puyallup—there’s nothing here a corporate Mr. Johnson would want. It is a great place to disappear, though, if you don’t mind dealing with a different gang every 10 meters. The district is perfect for smuggling and establishing all manner of illicit enterprises. The Crime Mall is also a good place to shop for black market items or unload anything you picked up on that last run.

Puyallup Barrens

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