Redmond Barrens

Redmond is the physical embodiment of urban decay. A partial meltdown of the Trojan-Satsop power plant in southeast Redmond back in 2013 contaminated Beaver Lake and other areas for kilometers around (now known as Glow City), spurring many Redmond residents to flee to safer pastures. In 2029, the first Crash collapsed the computer industry that was once so central here, throwing the district’s economy and government into ruin. Remaining residents and businesses fled, while homeless squatters moved in. Eventually the Metroplex government ceded defeat and left the district to the wolves.

Rough estimates state Redmond has around seven hundred thousand inhabitants, and only a quarter of those have SINs. Luxuries like running water, sanitation, electricity, or a functioning roof are all but unknown except for residents who hack their own systems, and the stench alone can often be staggering. Packs of devil rats—and worse—openly prowl the streets, most of which are barely passable except by motorcycle. The megacorps still maintain a few facilities here, all protected with massive fortifications, ignoring the squalor around them, or perhaps hiring the biggest and meanest gangers and squatters as extra security guards. Lone Star rarely makes an attempt to enforce laws here—and when they do, they rush in with overwhelming force and get the fuck out as fast as they can.

Redmond’s not a complete lawless free-for-all, however. In some areas the residents band together, providing their own neighborhood security, growing food,and arranging clean water and electricity. The vegetation-covered bio-domes of the Plastic Jungles are the best example of this, though numerous other self-sustaining and self-organized communities exist. Often the gangs play the role of neighborhood defender as well, though their “protection” rarely applies to their own abuses of power.

A lot of runners get their start on the mean streets of Redmond. Desperate gangers looking to edge into the big time take the risk of obtaining (likely used) enhancements from the scary street butchers at the Body Mall—a former hospital that’s now part black clinic and part slaughterhouse. Redmond’s numerous gangs also serve as recruiting pools for the Mafia, Yakuza, and Triads, each of whom does a brisk and competing business in BTLs, alcohol, drugs, and illegal weapons. Prostitution is nearly nonexistent in Redmond—the gangs rape whomever they please and don’t pay for the privilege.

Redmond Barrens

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