The Ork Underground

Ork Underground refers to what was known as Seattle Underground. A network of underground passageways and basements that was ground level at the city’s origin in the mid 19th century, these spaces eventually fell into disuse as the streets were elevated, becoming forgotten basements and occasional tourist attractions. This trend continued till the Night of Rage of 2039, after which the Underground became a refuge of city’s metahumans.

Elves, who never liked the underground, left as soon as possible, but Orks, Trolls and Dwarfs stayed. Once the legal problems (such as whether they could tunnel into the basements of existing buildings) and technical problems (what to do with the water that seeped into the tunnels) were solved, the they began to construct ornately carved tunnels and caves deep underground. A violent disagreement between Dwarfs and Orks resulted in the Dwarfs leaving during the early 40s.

Today, the Ork Underground is a complete city, with a city hall, private police force, and malls. There are 22 known ways to enter the Underground, but the only safe ways for non-Orks are via the official tour entrances in the basement of the Seattle Utilities Building (Seneca Street and Frist Avenue, inside the Big Rhino Restaurant) and the basement of Lordstrung’s Department Store on Fifth Avenue and Pine Street. Many secret entrances are also rumored to exist. The Underground is not the safest place for non-Orks; those who clearly remember the Night of Rage at best harbor a bitter resentment against anyone displaying an ounce of bigotry, and at worst simply hate all humans.

The Underground is known for poor Matrix reception.

There are 22 known public entrances to the Underground, and the number of miscellaneous ventilation shafts, private entrances, power conduits, sewer and storm drain portals, and similar such accesses are probably not known by anyone. While the main part of the Underground lies under Seattle Downtown, parts extend to neighboring districts: Tacoma, Everett and Puyallup Barrens. The Underground is still expanding, though it is worth noting some border enclaves may be not connected to the main part, and deny that they part of the larger community (through few surface dwellers care about such nuances).

The Ork Underground

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